International Conference on Contract Farming – ICCF

International Conference on Contract Farming


Revitalizing African Agriculture: Time for Bold Action

4-5 September, 2024 | Nairobi, Kenya

The Edge Convention Centre

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Hear from farmers/growers and from the buyers

Practically learn how Contract Farming works

Meet & network with influential thinkers in the agricultural sector

Learn from success stories of farmers & providers making it

The International Conference on Contract Farming – ICCF 2024 

As globalization increases demand for safe and sustainably-produced food, companies need closer supply chain partnerships. Contract farming allows agricultural processors to directly source quality raw materials from farmers, securing reliable supplies while helping farmers access markets.

ICCF 2024 explores the latest trends and best practices in contract farming arrangements between agribusinesses and growers. Attend to learn how contract farming can benefit your operations through sessions on:

  • Supply chain coordination and traceability
  • Meeting food safety and sustainability standards
  • Risk management for buyers and producers
  • Successful contract models and pricing mechanisms
  • Technology enablers like mobile apps and blockchain

Connect with leading companies, farmers, experts, and policymakers shaping the future of contract farming globally.

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The Contract Farming Expo 2024 agenda covers the complete contract farming landscape – from regional overviews and models to legal/policy issues, agribusiness development, technology enablers, and social impact. Explore topics like supply chain coordination, financing, insurance, marketing, and addressing power imbalances between growers and buyers. Get insights through case studies and success stories. 

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